Free accommodation

For our patients we provide free accommodation in our apartments!

Dental prosthetics in Croatia

Quality dentures at affordable prices!

Dental prosthetics

When it comes to dental prosthetics of any kind, croatian dentists who work for us are among the world's top experts in modern dentistry. In our team we have dentists specialized in fixed, semi-fixed and removable prosthodontics. We have our own dental laboratory which provides us with quality and speedy development of dental prosthetics.

Our dental clinics and dental laboratories are among the best equipped in Europe, and our employees are experienced guest speakers and participants of numerous professional seminars around the world. In our clinics we use only the latest dental technology which guarantees us quality work and satisfaction of our patients.

Top quality does not necessarily have to be expensive. Our prices can be up to 70% lower than the prices in your country for the same work without losing any quality. Lower operating costs allow us to offer you the best dental work, service and the most beautiful smile at a much lower price.

Our patients said about us…

Hi, fantastic girls and good guys!
The work that you did for me was excellent and I feel it every day more and more as if they were my natural teeth. I take every opportunity to talk about you to my friends and acquaintances, and I think some of them will visit you. As for me, I consider you really efficient and professional. I would like my children to be like you at least a little bit, but like most of our youth they are lazy and without ambition. Congratulations! You are one big family that deserves respect, honor and success. Warm hugs to each one of you.

Antonio, Salerno