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About dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics

What is prosthetics?

Loss of your natural teeth belongs to the natural flow of life. Such experience can be traumatic and leave scars on your private and social life. As one of the basic disciplines of dentistry, dental prosthetics enables us to restore one or more teeth to our patients, which they have lost due to a trauma or disease.


Why prosthetics?

A gap in the row of teeth can be harmful for more reasons, and the most important are gum recession, jawbone atrophy and collapsing of neighboring teeth. Such developments in your oral cavity can lead to irregular bite, and can even cause speech problems. Dental prosthetics enables us to supplement lost natural teeth in an easy way. It not only enables us to return the functionality of the traumatized or the lost tooth, but your new tooth can also be aesthetically identical to your natural tooth with its form and color. Prosthetics return a bright smile to your face!

What is the basic classification of prosthetic work?

Prosthetic work is classified in fixed, semi-fixed and removable dentures.

Our patients said about us…

Hi, fantastic girls and good guys!
The work that you did for me was excellent and I feel it every day more and more as if they were my natural teeth. I take every opportunity to talk about you to my friends and acquaintances, and I think some of them will visit you. As for me, I consider you really efficient and professional. I would like my children to be like you at least a little bit, but like most of our youth they are lazy and without ambition. Congratulations! You are one big family that deserves respect, honor and success. Warm hugs to each one of you.

Antonio, Salerno