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Complete dentures

Complete dentures

What are complete dentures?

Complete dentures is prosthetic work used for restoration of edentulism. Beside replacement of all the teeth, it is also used for restoration of damaged surrounding tissues.

How is a complete denture fabricated?

If remaining teeth in the oral cavity are useless, they should be extracted. After extraction, the patient must wear immediate dentures until the tissue heals. The process usually lasts about 3 months, and after that period, we no longer expect changes in dental tissue. Adjustment to complete dentures lasts longer than to any other prosthetic works.

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Hi, we just wanted to thank you for the warm welcome, the accommodation and everything you've done for us. We felt at home and at any time you knew how to please our feelings. Thank you! Thank you again to the entire staff for the meticulously completed work and service. Warm greetings to everyone!
Giovanna and Antonino

Giovanna and Antonio, Udine