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Dental bridges

Dental bridges

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are dental replacements, consisting of at least two crowns, serving as bridge abutment and of one crown replacing the missing tooth. Between the bridge abutments there is one or more crowns filling the interrupted row of teeth.

When do we make dental bridges?

We use them in cases, when the row of teeth misses more than just one tooth. It can also be used to restore the lack of only one tooth, but this option should only be chosen, if for some reason it is not possible to place an implant. Beside aesthetic reasons, dental bridges are placed for health reasons, too. This way, we prevent gum recession and further jawbone deterioration. If we do not restore the gap in the row of teeth, the gums will start recessing, jawbone will start to deteriorate and adjacent teeth will start collapsing, which will lead to an irregular bite, but can also cause problems while speaking.

Materials for dental bridges

What are dental bridges made of?

Dental bridges are, in modern dentistry, mostly made of full ceramics, and there is no need to use the metal base, if the bridge consists of maximally 3 crowns. All the advantages of the ceramic crowns can also apply to ceramic dental bridges. For greater gaps we use ceramic bridges with a zircon base. This highly firm material was first used in space shuttle technology, but has found its way to dentistry, as the time has passed. Different researches proved it not to cause any contraindications, concerning human body. Beside its usage for base construction, zircon can also be used for implants and suprastructures. This material can be impeccably polished, reducing gum irritation, and since it has no pores, it is very resistant to harmful acids.

Dental bridge treatment

What are dental bridges placed on?

Dental bridges are placed on natural grinded teeth or on placed titanium implants. If neighboring natural teeth are healthy, we recommend placement of an implant, since it is unnecessary to sacrifice natural healthy teeth just to serve as bridge abutment.

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