Free accommodation

For our patients we provide free accommodation in our apartments!

Dental laboratory

Dental technicians

Dental technicians

In our dental laboratories we have dental technicians with years of experience in the development of fixed, removable and semi-fixed prosthetic dentures. All employees regularly improve their knowlege by going to professional seminars around the World and are always following global trends and practices, often being the ones who set the bar to new heights.

Equimpment of our dental laboratories

The experience and technology provide excellent conditions for quality. With this in mind, we have provided our experts modern dental equipment, one of the best in this part of Europe. All the prosthetic work is done in our own dental laboratories using modern technology and the finest raw materials available on the market. The best equipment and best materials in the hands of our experts give the best result.


Dental crowns

Our own well-equipped dental laboratories with qualified personnel, as we have at our disposal, gives us incredible opportunities to put us far ahead of the competition. Constant co-operation of dentists and dental technicians doing your prosthetic work is essential for top results. It ensures us that we create the perfect supplement that will truly replace your natural teeth, and the time to complete a prosthetic work is reduced significaly, which means that we are capable of making even the most complex prosthetics ​​in only a few days time.

Our patients said about us…

Hi, we just wanted to thank you for the warm welcome, the accommodation and everything you've done for us. We felt at home and at any time you knew how to please our feelings. Thank you! Thank you again to the entire staff for the meticulously completed work and service. Warm greetings to everyone!
Giovanna and Antonino

Giovanna and Antonio, Udine