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Metal-ceramic crowns

What are metal-ceramic crowns?

Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns are high quality dental restorations that are made as a combination of metals and ceramics. Replacement crowns are made hiding a precious or semiprecious alloy base under the ceramics. In this way we obtain quality in the solid structure that will adequately replace the lost tooth. The aesthetic value of this work is slightly less than all-ceramic but it is more economical solution.

White gold - ceramics

The main advantages of golden base fabrication are its biocompatibility and antiallergics. Crowns with a golden base are fully covered with modern ceramics, which highly improves aesthetic features of this combination. During the years, there is a possibility of gum recession and revealing of the base, damaging the aesthetics.

Titanium - ceramics

Titanium - ceramic crowns

Firm, lightweight, biocompatible material, antiallergic, i.e. not causing any allergic reactions. Extremely resistant material allowing excellent protection of the crown from damages. The main disadvantage of titanium is, like with most metal alloys used for the base, its poor aesthetic features and the risk of revealing itself during gum recession.

Metal - ceramics

Undeniably the firmest material for base fabrication. Alloys of chromium, cobalt or nickel are mostly used, and it is suitable for dental crown fabrication in all areas. Its tendency to corrode and tendency to allergic reactions lead its way to the history of usage in dentistry.

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