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Partial dentures

Partial dentures

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures can be made of acrylate with wire clasps or they can be reinforced by a metal skeleton. Since wire clasps damage the aesthetics and can on long-term basis lead to wobbliness of remaining natural teeth, we recommend fabrication of combined works or prosthesis with telescopic crowns.

What are dentures with spring joints and when are they used?

Partial dentures with spring joints consist of a crown and partial wironit denture interconnected with spring joint connection. It is usually connected to the last tooth in the row, and spring joint connection is placed under the teeth into the prosthesis, in order to be invisible from the outside, which makes it aesthetically acceptable.

What are telescopic dentures and when are they used?

Partial dentures with telescopic crowns consists of inner and outer crown. Inner crown is mostly made of gold and is cemented on the tooth, while outer crown is affixed to the prosthesis. Such dentures are a kind of transition between removable dentures and cemented dental bridge, because they ensure excellent retention by friction between inner and outer crown, enabling great fixation and making it very stable.

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Hello everyone, we are Laura and Livio from Torino.
Our return trip went very well and we arrived home pretty quickly. We are very satisfied with the service you provided us, and we’re already telling our friends and acquaintances about you.
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Laura and Livio

Laura and Livio, Torino