Free accommodation

For our patients we provide free accommodation in our apartments!

Price list

Dental services Prices in Croatia (€)
Accomodation Free of charge
First visit and consultation Free of charge
Orthopan Free of charge
Crown (metal-ceramic) 220
Crown (zirconium ceramic) 320
Crown (metal without nickel-ceramic) 250
Crown (titanium) 270
Crown (E.max ceramic) 320
Crown (white gold ceramic) 350
Simple extraction 30
Complex extraction 200
Temporary teeth Free of charge
ASTRA TECH dental implant 800
Superstructure ASTRA TECH (titanium) 180
Superstructure ASTRA TECH (zirconium) 400
ICX dental implant 600
Superstructure ICX - titanium 100
Superstructure ICX -zirconium 200
Sinus lift - direct 400
Sinus lift - lateral 800
Alveotomy 200
Apicoectomy 200
Temporary dental prosthesis 350