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Removable dental prosthetics

Removable dental prosthetic work

What is removable dental prosthetics?

If it is not possible to make fixed or semi-fixed dental prosthetic work, for any of the reasons, the only remaining option is removable dentures. Removable dentures are grouped in complete dentures and partial dentures, and the one thing they have in common is that they can both be removed. Although they are a solid solution in cases of lack of one or more teeth, they should be the last option because of the poor firmness and stability in comparison to fixed and semi-fixed dental prosthetic works.

Our patients said about us…

Hi, fantastic girls and good guys!
The work that you did for me was excellent and I feel it every day more and more as if they were my natural teeth. I take every opportunity to talk about you to my friends and acquaintances, and I think some of them will visit you. As for me, I consider you really efficient and professional. I would like my children to be like you at least a little bit, but like most of our youth they are lazy and without ambition. Congratulations! You are one big family that deserves respect, honor and success. Warm hugs to each one of you.

Antonio, Salerno