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Semi-fixed dental prosthetics

Semi-fixed dental prosthetics

What is semi-fixed dental prosthetics?

When, for legitimate reasons, it is not possible to do a fixed dental prosthetic work, semi-fixed dental work is recommended, which will be affixed to the placed titanium implants. It is mostly done, when the jaw has not enough bone structure to place a sufficient number of implants, to make a fixed prosthetic work, and when bone transplantation or artificial bone implantation is not an option.

Which are the advantages of semi-fixed dental prosthetics in comparison to removable prosthetics?

Advantages of a semi-fixed dental work in comparison to removable prosthetic work is much greater firmness and stability of dentures. Bars, balls and locators are special links used to affix semi-fixed dental works to placed implants. Such prosthesis can be removed for cleaning, but exclusively by a dentist.

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