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Zirconia and E.Max ceramic crowns

Zirconia and E.Max ceramic crowns

What are ceramic crowns?

If you are looking for the best what modern dentistry has to offer when it comes to dental crowns, then you will certainly opt for full ceramic crowns. Currently the best available materials are zircon and E.max ceramics. Crowns made ​​out of these materials will provide excellent aesthetics, superior quality and strength. They have ability to imitate the natural tooth, which makes them highly aesthetically valuable. Long lasting beautiful smile is guaranteed.

What are the characteristics of zirconia ceramic crowns?

Zirconia material belongs to the top, when we talk about ceramic crowns fabrication. Biocompatible material very similar to the features of a natural tooth for its mechanical characteristics, because of its firmness and solidity. Owing to its mechanical characteristics, it is suitable for placement in front as well as in back regions. Ceramics is placed onto a white cap, enabling translucency and light refraction of a natural tooth. It ensures a spitting image of a natural tooth and guarantees a bright smile. Up to appearance of E.max ceramics, it had no actual competition as the best aesthetic material.

Characteristics of E.Max ceramic crowns

What are the characteristics of E.Max ceramic crowns?

E.max or Empress is material that has placed itself alongside with the zirconia, regarding ceramic crowns fabrication. It is marked by such aesthetic characteristics, even zircon cannot compete with. Translucency, transparency and fluorescence are completely transferred to the crown ceramics, and make it impossible to differentiate the crown from a natural tooth. The best results are achieved, when the crown is being placed on a natural grinded tooth. Beside these exceptional aesthetic characteristics, it is also three times firmer than enamel, eliminating any fear of crown facture. It is mostly used for placement in the front region, where aesthetics is a priority. If you want only the best, E.max is the least you should agree to.

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